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sábado, 23 de agosto de 2014


Acabo de ver esta trenza y me parece increíble!!!! Les dejo los datos que encontré, Enjoy!
When asked to partner with 6 Shore Road for its debut swimwear collection, BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami owners Sandi and Kailey Magder decided to derive their inspiration from the country of Nepal. “Braids are common with Nepalese women and the mohawk braid was meant to convey a strong, confident warrior woman,” explains Sandi.

To start off, section the hair into well-defined parts on each side of the head. Then slick it down using a combination of UNITE's Session Max Hairspray, Shina Mist and Tricky Lite Spray. Then secure each section with tiny rubber bands to keep the hair in place. Braid the top of the hair with an overhand braid (similar to a thick cornrow) and connect the sides to the center braid by braiding them in at the nape of the neck. Continue to the ends and then flip it around. Wrap and tuck underneath and secure with bobby pins.

Sandi Magder, Owner of BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami
Kailey magder, Owner of BLO Blow Dry Bar Midtown Miami

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